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Boston Fern Indoor Plant

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The lush and feathery Boston Fern, is one of the best known air purifying houseplants as recommended by NASA. It's cascading mass of fronds, create a waterfall like appearance as they hang from baskets or sits amongst taller shrubs. It is a reliable and easy care fern that purifies the air by removing formaldehyde. They thrive in warm and humid climates making them ideal to place even in bathrooms with ample moisture. 

Growth Medium: Soil and Cocopeat mix
Pot Description: Round plastic pot

How to Care for Ferns

With good light and adequate humidity and Boston Ferns grow for many years.

Light: Bright but indirect sunlight. Direct harsh rays should be avoided as they can dry up the soil. Filtering sunlight through curtains work well. You can rotate the plant, once in a while, to encourage even growth.

Water: Every alternate day. Soil should be moist at all times but not soggy/over watered. 

            The leaf turning yellow is a sign of low humidity. To boost humidity, you can either spray/mist or group it with other houseplants as they add moisture to the air as they breathe. 

Feed: Liquid fertiliser every two weeks.

You can add a tiny pinch of epson salt to water and use once in six months to make the leaves greener.

Native Region

Central and South America

Common Names

Sword Fern, Tuber Ladder Fern, Fishbone Fern

Botanical Name

Nephrolepis exaltata



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