Aries Kawachh

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  • Aries Kawachh is a naturally extracted oil derived from Neem plant
  • It has 1% i.e. 10000 ppm Azadirachtin content
  • It is biodegradable & best pest repellent
  • It is used to control insects at all stages of development
  • Pests/insects don’t become resistant to Neem Oil
  • Dosage: 2ml per litre of water (single press of Kawachh bottle = 2ml). Prepare the solution as required
  • Application: The prepared solution can be applied through spray method for best results.
  • Application should be repeated every 15 days or considering the condition/need of the plant for better results
  • Shake the bottle well before use

Product Features:

• Triple Action of Neem, Pongamia & Lemongrass
• Natural Protection from Pests
• 100% Water Soluble (No additional soap required)
• Can be used along with any organic or inorganic sprays
• Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Plants, flowers, Kitchen gardens, Trees, Lawns, etc.

How to Use:

• Dilute 1 spray in 1 Litre water and mix well.
• Spray the diluted mixture on the plant uniformly
• Repeat weekly, for best results
• Use early morning or late evening to avoid toxicity
• Avoid using in the flowering stage.
• Keep in a Cool & Dry Place, and out of reach of children

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