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Well, we all love flowers around us. Flowers bring an amazing feel to the interior of the house and make everything look appealing. Flowers can brighten up a dull space and makes everything look afresh with its fragrance. But we often hear people saying that flowers do not bloom in winters. Just because of the less sunlight and freezing temperatures, the flowers are not able to bloom. Little do we know that there are many plants that bloom during the winters as well. You can easily get these plants online at much affordable costs. You can search to buy plants online to bring colours to your home.

Many of us had a misconception that winters hinder the flowers to bloom. There are many flowers that grow and bloom in winters as those flowers require less sunlight and water. They reproduce the flowers very quickly. You can easily find the flowers which bloom aptly in the winters. You will find various sizes and colours, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. Even if you have a small space, these winter flowers will bring freshness to your home. In case you are also looking for winter flowers; the following are some of the options:

  • Alyssum- These low-growing flowers grow in a bunch and are usually white in colour. As they don’t have much height, it just looks like a carpet of flowers. These look very appealing to the eyes.
  • Calendula- Also known as pot marigold, this is the best winter plant that grows perfectly well during winters. They are great in direct sunlight as well. This will add a pop of colour and looks very aesthetic. This flower will act as a centre of attraction in your home or garden balcony. These are in yellowish-orange colour and are apt for winters.
  • Aster- This flower comes in many different colours and is a perfect one for winters. They are starry-shaped flower heads, and their colour ranges from white to blue to purple. Asters attract a great number of bees and butterflies, which look very nice. They can be kept at the borders in the garden, on rocks. It does require partial sunlight and moist soil.
  • Petunia- This flower blooms from spring till frost. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and colour. If you wish it to bloom properly, make sure to keep this planter in direct sunlight. Make sure to have proper draining soil while planting this flower in the container or pot. These can be in white and blue colour and attract everyone attention who visits your home balcony.
  • Pansy- This butterfly shape flower is available in multi-colours and grows well from spring till summer. If you have less sunlight in your home garden, pansy is an ideal choice for you. But make sure to water them properly and use good fertilizer as it helps them to bloom properly. These flowers will grow at a cold temperature, which makes them an ideal choice.
  • Carnations- If you want some colour element in your home garden, carnations are just for you. These are extremely beautiful flowers, and you can get them in many different colours. This will add a colourful element to your garden. But make sure to place them in sunlight as it requires at least 5 hours of sunlight. Also, it requires maintenance, so make sure to water it 5 times a week. You can cut or remove the dead leaves so that it blooms properly. 
  • Daffodils- These flowers are extremely beautiful and eye-catching. Having this in your home balcony will increase the whole look of the garden. It is also said that daffodils ring in prosperity, love, joy, and hope. Make sure to plant them in a good open space, nearly6-5 inches away from the other plants. Also, splash some fertilizer before planting it, especially in the winters, to retain them in a good position. Make sure to cover the roots or bulbs of the daffodils at least 3 inches into the soil. This will help in keeping the daffodils in intact condition.
  • Hyacinth- This piece of beauty does not require regular watering and is always advised to keep indoors in case of extreme winters. Instead of putting fertilizers, you can use organic ways to treat them. Also, remove the flower leaving the foliage once they are done blooming. Know that this plant is allergic to pets, so if you have one, it is highly recommended not to plant it. 
  • Phlox- If you are looking for long-lasting blooming flowers, Phlox is the one for you. Because of its aesthetic look, it looks very beautiful and has a pleasant fragrance. It comes in many colours, which will make your place look really amazing. 
  • Dahlia- This flower blooms every season and requires less sunlight. This flower is available in many colours and scents. They easily thrive in the winter season and even in shades. Just make sure to maintain routine care.
  • Winter jasmine- Know that winter jasmine requires sunlight, so make sure to plant them in the place where they get enough sunlight. Otherwise, they are very low maintenance. Also, keep in mind that they are planted where the soil is well-drained. 
  • Roses- Roses are the choice of every person and are loved by everyone. Roses can be easily grown in pots or directly in the soil. Roses are available in many colours and sizes. Some of the roses do not bloom in winter, so make sure to properly know which rose is suited for winter.

So above are some of the best winter plants. You can easily get online. Also, you can contact ‘Root Bridges’ as they are well-known for providing all the types of winter flowers online. They provide the plants at much affordable costs. They have a high range of plants, so you can easily explore them. This is one of the best nurseries to buy plants online. 

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