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Pots containing plants can make your balcony or sit-out area feel comfortable and lovely, whether it's on the ground level or 20 floors above. Based on your preference, you can cultivate all kinds of plants, including flowers, crotons, edibles like tomatoes, basil leaves, etc, that could be useful in the kitchen as well. Based on how much sunshine your balcony receives at different times of the day, you can start before selecting plants. Some balconies may also be completely shaded. If you want to discover if a plant will grow in your lighting circumstances, do a lot of research and then decide on the plants. 

When it comes to balcony plants, always remember to water your plants on a regular basis. Keep in mind that porous materials, such as terra cotta or coco fibre, dry up rapidly because water evaporates quickly from them. Pots and containers made of less permeable materials, such as plastic or metal, take longer to dry out. Feel the soil moisture level in the pot with your finger; if it feels damp, stop. Give your plant a drink if the soil is completely dry and peeling away from the pot's sides.

Here are some of the plants that you can easily grow on your balcony that will add immense beauty to your balcony. 

Snake plant

The snake plant is a low-maintenance succulent that can tolerate a lot of neglect. If you have had little luck with indoor gardening, the snake plant is worth a go. Snake plants of all sorts tolerate low light and like to be pot-bound. Because of its thick and waxy leaves, it can tolerate water scarcity for extended periods of time. Simply put, the snake plant is ideal for inexperienced gardeners and people who often travel outstation.


Pothos is a leafy, fast-growing vine with beautiful variegated leaves that can withstand both inconsistent watering and poor light. The vine spreads swiftly, leaving a 10-foot-long green path behind it on shelves and furniture. Though it is not as drought-tolerant as many of the other plants on our list, it does require some watering from you.

ZZ plant

The ZZ plant is also known as the eternity plant since it lives for so long that killing it is almost impossible. Its thick, fleshy leafstalks and plump, succulent leaves are so resilient that they may be mistaken for plastic. Because the plant grows slowly, you may choose to get a huge plant if you require a large specimen for your home.


Kalanchoe is a genus of tropical succulent flowering plants that includes anything from the brilliant and wide-leafed to the tiny Kalanchoe. Kalanchoes are simple to cultivate, requiring only a sunny location and a spritz of water every now and again. Both of these types have intriguing architectural features and can persist for a long time with minimal maintenance on your part.


This disease and pest-free shrub is resilient, floriferous, and incredibly stunning. As a result, it is suitable as a balcony plant. This plant is often purple or crimson in colour and is considered one of the top quality plants in terms of aesthetics and attractiveness owing to its rich colour and smell. This plant requires at least 5 hours of direct sunshine every day to blossom. This plant should be given only a small amount of water.

Money plant

This plant has tiny, round, flat leaves that are appealing. It requires relatively little upkeep. This plant is the subject of various urban legends. The most prevalent is that if this plant thrives, there will never be a financial issue in that home. It is ideal on the balcony since it eliminates all gaseous pollutants. Low light is desirable since direct sunshine can burn foliage. Sandy, moss-based soil is desirable since it allows water to drain quickly and prevents root damage. This plant just has to be watered once per week, regardless of the weather.

Peace lily

The peace lily is one of the low-maintenance balcony plants that thrive in low light and low humidity, and it appears to be designed for indoor usage. The primary flower spikes are surrounded by glossy, lance-shaped foliage with arching stems. It normally produces spoon-shaped flowers in the summer, but other types bloom at different times throughout the year. It also removes toxic compounds from the air, such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Peace lily may even spend a month without watering if grown in a big container. These plants do better when they aren't overwatered.

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

This is a low-maintenance plant that may be cultivated readily in India. Friendship tree, fortunate plant, and money tree are some of the titles given to it, and it is supposed to bring good fortune to its owners. Because of its tiny size, cheap care, and ease of installation, jade is a fantastic choice for a balcony. This plant can survive on barely rich soil. During the winter, just a little amount of water should be provided, whereas, in the summer, a large amount of water is necessary. For this plant's development, bright sunshine is preferred.


Tillandsia is a genus of air plants mostly found in Central and South America's deserts and mountains. Air plants are epiphytes, which mean they do not require soil to thrive. All you have to do is water or spray them once a week. Air plants are also good at absorbing dust, which makes them intriguing and low-maintenance houseplants. Air plants are an excellent alternative for those who want to bring a bit of green to their house without putting in a lot of effort.


The Dracaena genus of plants thrives as indoor plants. They make excellent houseplants since they can withstand harsh indoor conditions. They can, for example, thrive on soil that is under-watered. They are also unconcerned about light exposure. Young plants look wonderful on tabletops, but larger plants necessitate a lot of floor area to improve the aesthetic of your house or business.

Before choosing any plant for your balcony, always consider aspects like the frequent watering and care the plants need, sunlight exposure, etc. 

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