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Zucchini Seeds

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Zucchini is a staple in backyard vegetable and salad gardens. It has a thin, edible green skin, creamy white flesh and soft seeds. Shaped somewhat like a cucumber, it can vary from just 4 or 5 inches to a foot in length, with a diameter up to 2 inches. A versatile food you can eat raw or cooked and even use in baked goods, zucchini is nutrient-dense and very good for your overall health.


Nutrition Facts - Zucchini is 95 percent water, making it naturally low in calories and a good choice if you are trying to lose weight. A medium zucchini, for example, contains just 33 calories. It supplies a gram of protein and less than a gram of fat. The same size zucchini contains 6 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of which are dietary fiber. That makes zucchini a low-glycemic food that will not spike your blood sugar, but will instead provide a steady source of glucose to your system.


Common Names

Courgette, Summer Squash


Botanical Name

Cucurbita pepo




Planting Season:

Summer - Jan - Feb

Monsoon: June - July

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