Fertilizers Biogreen Plant Tonic Liquid Feriliser

Biogreen Plant Tonic Liquid Feriliser

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  • Liquid Fertilizer to promote growth in plants
  • Plant tonic to improve overall health for indoor/outdoor plants
  • Net Content per bottle = 100 ml
  • Application: Spray on a fortnightly basis on all plants
Biogreen is a scientifically derived natural bio-fertilizer

It contains organic derivatives of plant origin in the form of Sea Weed extracts and Protein Hydrosylate


Brings about overall growth of plants by making plant cell strong
Stimulate cell division
Increases Chlorophyl content
Increases number of flowers and fruits of plants
Increases number of lateral roots as well roots hairs. Ensures water and mineral absorption

Amino Acid: 1.0%
Folic Acid: 0.03%
Seaweed Extract: Q.S.
Total: 100%

Use a week after germination starts. Give spray at regular intervals at pre-flowering, flowering & post-flowering stages
Note: Shake bottle well before use
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