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Aralia Indoor Plant

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The Aralia, prized for its fancy and finely cut foliage, only looks high-maintainence. It is actually an easy care everygreen shrub, native to Tropical India. Unlike most plants that branch sideways, the Aralia grows vertically making it ideal to fill empty corners or flank large pieces of furniture. The delicate leaflets add softness and texture to indoor spaces making them popular on desks and tabletops. The luxirant foliage instatly makes entryways more welcoming. 

In addition to it's aethetic features, Aralia's are also air purifiers. 

Medicinal use: In some Asian cutures the leaves of the Aralia are used to make an  anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial ointment.

Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 9" x 10"x 13"
Growth Medium: Soil and Cocopeat mix
Pot Description: Round plastic pot

Basic Care Instructions

Aralias can live long happy lives with proper care and culture.

Light: Medium to bright light.

Water: Two to three times a week.

Feed: Liquid fertiliser once a month.

Native Region

Troical parts of South-east Asia and the Pacific Islands

Common Names

Ming Aralia, Oak Leaf Aralia

Botanical Name

Polyscias fruticosa



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