Rabbit Foot Fern

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Rabbit Foot Ferns have classic, lacy leaves(fronds) which create a lush mound of evergreen foliage. However, the real attraction of this plant are the rabbit's foot like furry rhizomes that hang over the side of the pot. These light-brown, creeping 'feet; are covered with hairs which absorb moisture. 

Rabbit Foot Fern is easy to keep happy as an indoor house plant which will thrive with indirect light, humidity and average room temperatures.

Basic Care Instructions

Light: Indirect sunlight or bright filtered light

Water: Sparingly daily or on alternate depending on the humidity

Feed: Liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks

Common Names

Rabbit's Foot Fern, Brown Rabbit Foot Fern

Native Region


Botanical Name

Davallia Fejeensis



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