Nolina Pony-Tail Palm

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Nolina is a unique slow-growing plant with a green rosette of recurved, pendulous leaves rising from a swollen trunk. These plants develop an unusual, swollen, bottle-like base (the storage organ that allows them to withstand very dry conditions) with several long, thin stems. The stems are topped by the crowns of pendulous strap-like leaves which give the plant its common name – the Ponytail Plant. The swollen greyish-brown shape base with wrinkled texture also lends it the name Elephant Foot Tree.

Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 10" x 10" x 12"
Growth Medium: Soil
Pot Description: Round Plastic Pot

Basic Care Instructions

Nolina are succulent plants that don't need too much water

Light: Semi-shade with 2-3 hours sunlight

Water: Alternate Days

Feed: General purpose fertilizer once a month

Common Names

Pony Tail Palm, Bottle Palm, Elephant’s Foot Tree, Ponytail Plant, Elephant Palm, Big Base Palm, Desert Pony Tail Palm, Nolina Sole

Botanical Name

Beaucarnea recurvata, Beaucarnea inermis, Beaucarnea tuberculata, Dasylirion inerme, Dasylirion recurvatum, Nolina recurvata



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