4" Oasis Self Watering Pot

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  • Modern design self watering pots suitable for all interiors
  • Plants soak in water through built in reservoir
  • Low maintenance pot plants for indoors and balconies
  • Dimensions: Diameter x Height = 10 cm x 11 cm
  • Volume: 800 cc

Planting Instructions:

  1. Before planting fill central well with coco-peat and press it to make it compact.
  2. Planting - Fit the black water tube into its connector and then place the plant into the pot and plant as usual. Pro tip - Use only soil-less media like coco peat for all self-watering pots.
  3. Initially, water from the top, wetting the whole mass of growing media and allowing water to collect in the reservoir below. Repeat this procedure for the next 3-4 waterings. If the water collecting in the reservoir is discoloured, discard it and clean the reservoir cup.
  4. Subsequently, start watering through watering tube. This way only clean fresh water will collect in the transparent reservoir cup.
  5. Use water soluble liquid fertilisers while watering.

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